Basement of Panem
{ nothing scares me more than the thought of losing you }
I don't know how you got here, but I'll give you a warning: turn back. There's nothing to be had down here but misery.

Magic Anon: Open.

((Independent RP blog for post-apocolypse!Panem!Alfred from Hetalia.))

I need a playlist

I need to add Left Behind to this playlist

my emotions


when your NOtp is the fandoms OTP for your favorite character and that ship is pretty much all the characters tag is


♥ Chibi ♥

Oh, I should mention that by this time, Lawrence is dead, the experiments probably stripped Lawrence right from his soul.

God knows where he is now.

wooo yeah hey everybody

you should just

pop in for rp


So many new faces… how do I respond to this…?



Can I just please put these lyrics here because all of my feelings ugh I’m sorry but Alfred’s poor fucking parents seeing him like this can I just this is my pat on the back and punch in the feels for them

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shh casey deep breaths